Mar 15 2021
Kwasi Godson
How To Find A Day Time Job & Mind Your Own Business On The Side | Image Credit:

In his Best Selling Book How To Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success, I.K Adusei,  Founder & CEO of The ABN Organization had this to share.

Life after school is no joke. It is a trying moment for a lot of people especially those with limited corporate network. Graduates who find themselves wanting after school in the areas of job search mostly lacked what is called school – work balance.

They failed to know that university is nothing short of a whole universe in one city. There were more social and corporate networks available in those universities they had their degrees from. Most of their potential employers participated in events and conferences which took place in their respective universities and those on other campuses. 

Learning job skills as an intern

Most of their potential employers had spaces in their offices for interns which has the potential of culminating in future employment if interns prove themselves resourceful over time.

Finding a day time job and minding your own business on the side could help in the creation of jobs. This is, however, not a simple thing to do. Mind you, if it were simple everyone would be doing it.

A safe secure job with benefits alone is a free ticket to living a financially stressful life. Living from paycheque to paycheque is a real nightmare for most working adults since their take-home pay barely takes them home.

Finding a day time job can help you raise capital. This could be done through careful spending, saving and investment in order to raise the needed capital to set up and operate your own business.

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