5 Common Mistakes Made By Real Estate Agents

May 12 2021
Kwasi Godson

Written by I.K Adusei

Image Source: WhatsAnswer

As the market for rental and commercial properties soar in Ghana and around the world, real estate agents are under increased pressure to link renters and buyers on one hand to landlords and property owners on the other hand.

The number of real estate agents or realtors have therefore increased as the demand for housing and other property use increase.

Nonetheless, some common mistakes made by realtors slow down the turnaround time for property owners to get renters for their numerous spaces.

Let’s take a cursory look at some of the notable mistakes made by most realtors.

1. Bad Picture Quality and Photography. In this era of fast foods and faster cars, patrons of real estate spaces are on the move and have no time to spare. Realtors can only grab the attention of property buyers and renters of this generation with visually appealing pictures and images of the properties they sell and rent.

Realtors are therefore advised to upgrade their phones to newer versions with high – resolution picture quality. They are also advised to take quality pictures of at least three of the rooms or office spaces they have on offer to their prospective customers.

A quick photography course on YouTube may be a game changer for would – be – successful realtors in the 21st century.

2. Little or no neighborhood information. Many realtors are looking for their 10% commission from their patrons as fast as they can. They therefore list properties on various online platforms with little or no information on the various selling points of the neighborhoods where the properties are located in order to woo prospective property buyers and renters.

Property hunters will munch on any information you give them concerning the neighborhood in question. So, real estate agents are to take their time to project the good news in the respective neighborhoods where the properties they deal in are located. This will reassure their clients and make them fill at home even before they move into the properties.

3. Energy efficient properties sell/rent fast. As true as the foregoing is, the average property hunter aims at saving cost and maximizing the use of every cedi or dollar they spend on rent or homes they purchase. It is therefore the job of the would – be – successful realtor to project features of the property they are selling or renting which will save their patrons money and additional costs. These features may include, properly ventilated rooms, presence of natural light and cooler room temperature due to availability of a tree (s), lawns etc.

4. Spelling and well worded description. Listing properties online have become easier with the advent of numerous platforms which serve this purpose. However, real estate agents are advised not to be in the hurry to post content online without a thorough review of their content. A simple dotting of is and crossing of t’s will give a better impression of the realtor than numerous grammatical errors in property descriptions and headings.

 5. No giveaways. Everyone wants freebies. Prospective property buyers and renters are no exception. So, if you recently replaced all the light bulbs into energy – saving ones or installed new high tech security cameras on the property, do well to talk about them. You may have bought brand new mattresses for the rooms or installed a brand-new double door fridge in the kitchen. No extra benefit is insignificant.

I.K Adusei is the author of the book, How To Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success