We network SMEs

ABN runs a platform to network one million Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) called the OMSMEN Africa (One Million SMEs Network)

All SMEs in Africa seeking growth and expansion can apply to be members of the network.

Membership of OMSMEN Africa however is by registration and is opened to all viable SMEs whose location and identity have being verified and authenticated after application. ABN verifies the identity, location and viability of the SMEs we register and offer deserving businesses, membership to OMSMEN Africa’s platform.

ABN’s OMSMEN Africa is a network of One Million robust SMEs across Africa.

Membership of ABN’s OMSMEN Africa has these benefits:

Training Packages

Free advertising and Publicity Platforms

Acknowledgement on ABNs Websites

Acknowledgement in ABNs Magazine

Other Assorted Packages

ABN also creates opportunities for local businesses to network and do business with investors within and outside Africa, on a number of our innovative platforms.