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From his ground breaking book soon to be launched, How To Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success, I.K Adusei shares an exclusive excerpt.

Know that as an entrepreneur you only have yourself to impress.

Entrepreneurship is not a popularity contest. It is not an arena for the display of wealth, neither a competition for who is who in the world of business. It is far from it.

Jeff Bezos is the richest individual in the world today. His real time net worth as I write today stands at USD $ 163.3 billion, checking from Forbes real time rankings. As of June 2018, his net worth was $112 billion, checking from the same sources. His closest ally Bill Gates has a real time net worth of USD $ 95 billion.

It is likely you may not have heard of this till now. Jeff Bezos is the Founder of the e-commerce leviathan, Amazon. He foundered Amazon from his garage in Seattle, USA on July 5, 1994.

Over the years Amazon has been engaged in a massive recapitalization exercise mainly using retained earnings from the company. This meant that, the company was reinvesting its profits to create more cash flow and develop its systems. Shareholders were therefore not making profits for years since the company was unable to declare profits.

Jeff Bezos was missing out from Forbes list of top 5 richest men in the world for several decades till the year 2016 and 2017.

In 2018 he emerged as Forbes Richest Man overthrowing Bill Gates whose net worth stands at $USD 90 billion as at June 2018. Jeff Bezos is the first person ever to exceed the net worth of USD 150 billion in the 3 decades of Forbes operations.


Keep a low profile just to be able to increase your assets and create more cash flow which will create more cash flow. Many people who are expectant of you keeping up with the Joneses will decide to ridicule you, but always bear in mind that, entrepreneurship is not a popularity contest. You have but yourself alone to impress. Keep this in mind and go for gold. There is no time to impress people whose predisposition have always been that of hatred and envy. The world is yours if you are able to do this! Go out there and make yourself proud. To be continued...



 I.K Adusei To Publish Second Book II Special Feature

I.K Adusei To Publish Second Book II Special Feature

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In his latest book soon to be unveiled, titled How To Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success, I.K Adusei had this to share:

The greatest lie ever told by people especially many below the ages of forty and fifty is that one day the goddess of good fortune will cross their path and suddenly everything they touch will turn into gold.

Many people believe in this lie. They therefore continue to hold back, expectant of the day the goddess of good fortune will finally cross their path.

The greatest truth is that, man is in control of his own destiny. You may decide to wait for one day to be successful or to take today as day one to make a step to creating your own destiny.

This book, How To Start Small by I.K Adusei will set you on the path to entrepreneurial success. In the covers of this wonderful piece are the lessons, stories and strategies of highly successful entrepreneurs in today’s world.”

– How To Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success


The Author, I.K Adusei is a serial entrepreneur. He is Founder and CEO of The ABN Organization, a holding company with interest in real estate, multimedia, retail and commerce.

As a streetwise serial entrepreneur, he took delight in economics in his Senior High School days in Prempeh College, Ghana, and went ahead to study Spanish, Psychology and Political Science in University of Ghana to widen his world view and give him a cutting edge appreciation of life and business across various disciplines.

His first book From Nowhere To Somewhere was reviewed live on Ghana Television (GTV) in 2013 at the age of 24 and went on to make several hundreds of thousands in sales, resulting in an impressive readership globally.

He is husband to Mavis, a passionate Pharmacist (Pharm D) and a mother of their adorable 11/2 year old daughter Nhyiraba.

How to Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success is due to launch in few months. You can't wait to grab a copy!



Quick Read >>How to manage your finances wisely

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Financial Management 

Financial management is a life skill. It is essential in every facet of life, from the individual, to the corporations and the nation as whole. It encompasses the entire process of generating revenue and judicious expenditure to create maximum returns. It involves using one’s money in an efficient manner such that needs will be satisfied.

 Revenue Sources

Revenue is the money an entity receives for undertaking productive activities. It is the reward for performing a required or contracted assignment. It could be any amount of money received for the sale of goods and services. It may also be earned from an investment in the form of interests, dividends or royalties. Individuals receive revenue from wages and salaries. Countries earn their revenue from taxes paid to them by the citizens.


Expenses is an outflow of money to another person or an entity as payment for purchases or service. Expenses incurred by individuals include payment of rent and utilities, school fees, car maintenance and hospital charges. Companies incur expenses for their operating activities. They include salaries to workers, telephone and electricity charges, and vehicle and office machines. The nation incur expenses by way of compensations to civil and public workers. Another line of expenses is the construction of roads, hospitals and schools, grants and subsidies. Expenses are natural to life but the real deal is how it is managed with reference to the revenue envelop.

Managing Expenses

Our financial emancipation will emanate from how well we manage our financial activities vis a vis our revenues and expenditures. Individuals can manage their expenses better by buying what is needful and necessary as able to avoid impulse buying. Planning is key in this instance. Leave within your means! Do not spend more than you make!

Companies are equipped with planning and budgeting tools which guide them in their financial operations. A company is formed to create wealth. The strategy therefore is to increase revenue and minimize expenses. This calls for maximization in the application of resource to get maximum returns. The watch word is high productivity.

Nationally, the challenge is the same. Countries raise revenue from taxes to enable them undertake national programmes and agenda. This is captured in the national budget as reference document. The bane of most underperforming economies is the weak tax net and abuse of the resources therefrom. Government can do far better by spending the tax income judiciously. The wanton dissipation of the people’s money on luxurious and expensive v8 vehicle is an eyesore and mindboggling especially when the said vehicles are mainly used in the cities.

The high spending on the few government executives (business class air travels, fully furnished accommodation, medical services abroad) and the padding of contracts are worrisome to the financial literates. Governments can manage the kitty better by focusing on development and cost beneficial project and programmes as against wasteful frivolous expenditures as with the Accra desalination plant.

Sometimes, it is impossible to do away with certain expenses. In such cases, it become necessary to identify other sources of revenue to take care of such indispensable expenditures. The obvious last resort may be to borrow money from a financial institution. The caveat is to make sure such expenditures are investment in nature, capable of yielding adequate returns to set off the expenditure incurred. Individuals in such a dilemma should identify other work activities such weekend job, uber services or teaching children at weekend schools. Every time and everywhere you find a need, there would be an opportunity to earn some additional income.

Financial management


Managing your finances is a critical life skill. Every entity has the responsibility to sustain lifestyle as humans and business operations as corporate beings. This would require the management of financial resources to enhance growth and development. As a nation, an effective and efficient management of our resources should improve our well-being and lifestyle. When we take charge of our finances and manage our expenses efficiently, there will be no need to request for assistance from the international bodies such as the World Bank Monetary Fund (IMF) for funding various projects. When resources are well managed it would create an opportunity to save and invest in wealth creation projects and programmes for nation building. As humans, our wants naturally exceeds our means. It is therefore very important to manage our expenses mindful of the fact that resources are always limited. When finances are well managed, there will be an efficient use of resources (money).  - The Spectator  


 Over $158m private capital in support of agribusiness – USAID

Steps in creating your vision map

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On the first page write the most important area in your life or the most important dreams in your life. This should be in sync with that of your partner. Write what you really want to achieve in life as an individual and as couples.

On the next page, summarise each dream into one or two sentences.

Then you create a page for each goal. On that page you list the steps that you have to take to achieve that goal and which role each partner has to play in achieving the goal.

Next, you take any complex step in the list and list the steps you will have to take to complete the task.

Then attack completion dates to each task. So that as you complete the steps you achieve the goal. And you will have to write them down, if you really want to achieve the goals. It doesn’t matter how it takes you to write these down but if you really want to achieve great things in life then you have to write them down. When you do this together, you both have a mission besides just the marriage or relationship you have. You have created something to work together for. There is something to achieve which both of you would be happy to have. As you both follow the steps and achieve the first dream, it gives you more hope to work together towards achieving the others. Put all the negativities walking into your mind now as you read away. Be positive, and trust that you both will follow and have them done; after all you put them together yourselves. Just do your part and let each person do his or hers, do not defer your partners hopes by not playing your role. If you do so then you do not want the dreams or the vision to be achieved.

The Reasons for gaining true hope

Hope is that confident belief that you have a specific vision, goal, desire or a promise and it will be achieved or fulfilled within a specific amount of time. When you have true hope, it becomes the fuel that keeps you moving you towards the ultimate fulfilment of that vision and each step you complete increase your hope and drives you even more powerfully towards the ultimate achievement of that vision. So true hope helps you to achieve our dreams.

A vision without true hope has no power and has no chance of being achieved. Without hope the vision dies.

What can we do to have hoped to achieve our vision?

The vision mapping process gives us hope to see our destination clearly and we see a map of how to get there, sustaining that hope keeps us on track. If you fail to keep that hope then your vision will be defined as Solomon said in proverbs13:12-Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.

The core of your emotions get sick, you lose your joy, and then lose your energy, you lose your motivation, and your creativity goes down. You just give up your dreams. You just live, what a waste of life. If you succeed in your business and fail in your marriage, you are not successful in anything. So if you over concentrate on achieving business success and your wife and children are in a mess, they don’t even see you, they do not have quality time with you, you have achieved nothing. To be successful your family should be intact and happy just as you do well in your business. What will be the use of all your business success when your family is broken as a result of trying to succeed in your business? You need that balance in vision mapping process.

Don’t also defer the hope on your partner, when you do so it is like adding poison to your partner’s meals and it will make them sick. They will lose their joy, trust and cannot commit to the relationship. And again their motivation will begin to die.    - The Mirror


30 Secs Read >>Funding Technique: Sources of funds for businesses

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By Stephen Quarshie 


Every business would be funded in some way. It could be from internal or external sources. Funding is necessary for a new business or an old one trying to expand its cooperation. The challenge faced by most business is choosing the right source of finance. This is dependent on the unique situation faced by the business entity. There are so many options but each source of finance with its own set of advantages and challenges. The choice of funds depends on certain criteria such as cost, duration and terms and accessibility.


Personal Savings and Assets

One of the major sources of finance for a business is personal savings and the use of other assets. Personal savings is a necessity for start-ups. It is difficult to access external funds without evidence of committed personal funds. Personal savings do not physically cost the owner because the money is his. On the flip side one could lose all the personal savings ploughed into a business venture. Other assets such as vehicle, equipment and furniture could also be used in setting up a business. There are other resource such as retirement benefits which could be used in establishing a business.


Investor form a core group for sourcing finance. Investors may be active or passive. They are usually called shareholders or equity holders. The active shareholders may seek representation on the board of directors and participate in managing the affairs of the business. Investor group can help raise capital for start-ups or business growth or expansion. The business in such instance must make sense and provide adequate returns. The involvement of investors in any business setup reduces the control exercise by the promoters. Investors bring in additional capital and know-how but also demands strict accountability. Shareholders share the risk as well as the return on investment of the business.

Retained profits

This is the cash that is generated by the business when it trades profitably. It is another important source of finance for any business, large or small. Retained profits are used for recapitalization and grow the business. It is synonymous with personal savings and does not cost the business entity.

Bank loans

Bank loans are very good source of funding giving the roles that banks play in financial intermediation. Small business may be able to secure loans to support their operational activities. Banks also offer facilities to business for working capital and acquisition of non-current assets such as land and building. Bank loan are used to, promote business growth and expansion. Bank loans are not free. Unlike personal savings, they attract interest on the loan. The interest rate may vary due to economic and other default charges. Some interest charges could be disincentive to business finance.

Government Grants and Loans

The Ghana government has several programmes and facilities to help small and medium enterprises and companies to grow and expand their businesses. Grants are basically free financial support. Government guaranteed loans or facilities come with interest rate that is basically far below the existing market rates. They usually come with certain specific and focused agenda to address some public interest issues such as skills development. They may not be available for every type of business. Government guaranteed loan is still a loan and may exact similar terms and conditions as per any other commercial loans.

Some of the funds under the following schemes; Youth Enterprise Support (YES), Microfinance and Small Loan Centre (MASLOC), Export Development and Agricultural Investment Fund (EDAIF) and Venture Capital Fund. The motivation for the establishment of these schemes has been to increase the flow of finance and credit to SMEs in other to assist them to increase their operational capacities, increase productivity and increase entrepreneurship.

Business Angels

Business angels are professional investors who typical invest their funds in a start-up company. They prefer to invest in business with high growth prospects. In addition to their money, Business Angels often make their own skills, experience and contacts available to the company. Getting the support of a Business Angel can be a significant advantage to a start-up.

Venture Capital

This is a specific kind of share investment that is made by funds managed by professional investors. Venture capitalists rarely invest in the start-ups or small businesses. They prefer to invest in businesses which have already established themselves. Another term which is usually used for Venture capitalist is ‘private equity’. A start-up is much more likely to receive investment from a business angel than a venture capitalist. – The Spectator



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