Steps in creating your vision map

On the first page write the most important area in your life or the most important dreams in your life. This should be in sync with that of your partner. Write what you really want to achieve in life as an individual and as couples.

On the next page, summarise each dream into one or two sentences.

Then you create a page for each goal. On that page you list the steps that you have to take to achieve that goal and which role each partner has to play in achieving the goal.

Next, you take any complex step in the list and list the steps you will have to take to complete the task.

Then attack completion dates to each task. So that as you complete the steps you achieve the goal. And you will have to write them down, if you really want to achieve the goals. It doesn’t matter how it takes you to write these down but if you really want to achieve great things in life then you have to write them down. When you do this together, you both have a mission besides just the marriage or relationship you have. You have created something to work together for. There is something to achieve which both of you would be happy to have. As you both follow the steps and achieve the first dream, it gives you more hope to work together towards achieving the others. Put all the negativities walking into your mind now as you read away. Be positive, and trust that you both will follow and have them done; after all you put them together yourselves. Just do your part and let each person do his or hers, do not defer your partners hopes by not playing your role. If you do so then you do not want the dreams or the vision to be achieved.

The Reasons for gaining true hope

Hope is that confident belief that you have a specific vision, goal, desire or a promise and it will be achieved or fulfilled within a specific amount of time. When you have true hope, it becomes the fuel that keeps you moving you towards the ultimate fulfilment of that vision and each step you complete increase your hope and drives you even more powerfully towards the ultimate achievement of that vision. So true hope helps you to achieve our dreams.

A vision without true hope has no power and has no chance of being achieved. Without hope the vision dies.

What can we do to have hoped to achieve our vision?

The vision mapping process gives us hope to see our destination clearly and we see a map of how to get there, sustaining that hope keeps us on track. If you fail to keep that hope then your vision will be defined as Solomon said in proverbs13:12-Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.

The core of your emotions get sick, you lose your joy, and then lose your energy, you lose your motivation, and your creativity goes down. You just give up your dreams. You just live, what a waste of life. If you succeed in your business and fail in your marriage, you are not successful in anything. So if you over concentrate on achieving business success and your wife and children are in a mess, they don’t even see you, they do not have quality time with you, you have achieved nothing. To be successful your family should be intact and happy just as you do well in your business. What will be the use of all your business success when your family is broken as a result of trying to succeed in your business? You need that balance in vision mapping process.

Don’t also defer the hope on your partner, when you do so it is like adding poison to your partner’s meals and it will make them sick. They will lose their joy, trust and cannot commit to the relationship. And again their motivation will begin to die.    - The Mirror


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