Think Like A Star: 101 Things Tough Entrepreneurs Do

This is an extract (Prologue) of Think Like a Star, a great fact finding book which stems from a series of interviews with people the author calls visionaries. Launching in 2018, Think Like a Star by I.K Adusei,  will interview over 30 financially free top entrepreneurs in Africa with about 65% being from Nigeria and Ghana. This book changes perceptions, questions dogma and presents real life success stories and breakthrough in business and in life. It provides answers to the questions that weigh on the minds of startups hoping to win big in a 21st century business venture.

In writing this book, Think Like A Star, I asked for a rendezvous with some of the most successful people of our time most of whom I had read and heard about, met or researched about in my quest for greatness, wealth, health, spiritual well being, family, career success and financial freedom.

You may wonder why I chose to have my rendezvous with these visionaries (being top achievers in business) here in this book. You may be right. I love to travel and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit new places any day. However, for the purpose of writing this book – to share with you  practical knowledge, wisdom and insight from these highly accomplished men and women whose stories we celebrate in this book, the issue of travel was not my primary objective.

I needed answers to the many disconcerting life questions which had saddled my mind on why some men and women tend to succeed amidst the failure, desolation and hardship around the world while many others groan, complain and remain limited in means and in acquisition. I wanted to get more information to help me answer most of the questions I had on my mind.

Essentially, I couldn’t phantom ending up like the worst, while the best seem to have the answers I required. In view of this, I chose to have an encounter of a lifetime with the visionaries in this book for at least a 45 minutes feel and glimpse of the life of the great, wealthy, accomplished and financially free.

Not only had I desired the knowledge of these visionary men and women, I also wanted to have a taste of their lives, thus to sit and have a conversation with them in their places of abode. All I could imagine was a more relaxed conversation with my glamorous hosts.

So the best available option for me was a warm request for a rendezvous with a visionary in their exquisitely manicured abodes. With this I believed my appetite for greater success would rise to an unprecedented level – and surely it has!

How did I come by the word visionary to describe these very accomplished men and women whose lives and experiences I will be sharing with you here in this book? A visionary to me is an individual who defiles all odds to make the most out of life, usually through visualization, planning and execution of life goals. With this definition, the visionary men and women whose lives and experiences you will be learning about shortly have achieved enormous laurels from their individual fields of endeavors and have contributed greatly to the advancement of today´s society.

As a curious young Ghanaian entrepreneur, writer and keynote speaker whose quest for greater success in life has led me to starting my own businesses and to write this book, thus my second book, I will dedicate the premiering chapter of this book, Think Like a Star to briefly share with you my story and my journey so far; and subsequently take you on a sharp dive into the lives of the visionaries I have had the pleasure of meeting, listening to and learning from. 


I believe that, this book, Think Like a Star will provide practical solutions to your many questions on success and those bothering your mind as you aspire for greater heights in business, career, health, family and spiritual life.

To be continue...

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