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ABN Unite is a social enterprise program by Africa Business Network (ABN) a registered not for profit institution in the Republic of Ghana, established to provide entrepreneurship training for individuals 18-45 years to alleviate poverty through job skills for financial security.

ABN Unite provides apprenticeship and entrepreneurship training in the area of Cost Efficient Building and Construction Technology (ABN Stucco Homes) to create jobs and provide affordable houses in Ghana and Africa. 



Our buildings are engineer-recommended, both locally and globally, and our team adhere to top safety and longevity standards required in construction of both block and stucco buildings.

ABN Unite works with top architects, building engineers, quantity surveyors, certified construction experts, and together with our team made up of top construction workers and supervisors with hands on expertise in block, stucco, metal, tile and glass works we deliver quality to our home owners/owner builders. 


California Stucco House in California USA

Introducing Stucco buildings. Stucco buildings are over a century old durable cost efficient American building style of African origin. Stucco uses mainly wood and wire framework, sand, water and cement with up to 0.55% iron rods needed. Americans have built and lived in stucco buildings for more than a century now. Our team have acquired the expertise to bring home to Africa our global engineer certified stucco buildings. However, our team builds both block buildings and stucco buildings in Ghana.View more California stucco buildings: California Stucco Houses 


A Stucco Lecture Hall Complex at Osiem-Akim Abuakwa, Eastern Region Ghana of

SCNMTC, Ghana Designed and Built By Norman H. Sun, ABN Unite


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Head Office: Graphic Road, South Industrial Area, Accra, Ghana

Head Phone: +233 (0)205-114-116

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