2030 Zero Poverty Project: Commence

Commence is a social enterprise project which is designed to provide financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills training for individuals 5 years - 45 years to alleviate poverty through financial education and entrepreneurship skills development.

Commence presents a cutting edge solution to end the endemic poverty cycle in third world countries, particularly Ghana by 2030 as a way of helping to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1: Zero Poverty.

Commence seeks to tackle poverty in three thematic areas: School Commence, providing financial and entrepreneurship skills training in schools; Artisans & Vocational Commence, providing financial and entrepreneurship skills training to artisans and the self-employed and Disability Commence which is to provide financial and entrepreneurship skills training to the physically challenged.

Research has shown that, lack of financial literacy is the number one cause of poor financial decision making which is a precursor for extreme poverty and deprivation.

A financially enlightened generation would present tremendous benefits to the economy. These benefits accruing from sound financial decision making as well a more enterprising adults are not only for the over-all wellbeing of Ghana’s economy but also help reverse the poverty cycle associated with most indigenes of deprived communities in the country.    

Commence is scheduled to officially launch on January 29, 2019.

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