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Working behind the scene are our wonderful team folks made up of  business leaders, enthusiasts, volunteers and mentors and the like whose diverse background in business, information technology, arts, law, social entrepreneurship, engineering, sociology etc., make us hard to beat in all spheres.

Sharing The ABN Organization's Story, is the company's Founder & Chairman with his global associates.



Hello, I am Isaac Kwasi (I.K) Adusei from Ghana, Founder & Chairman of The ABN Organization. As a passionate entrepreneur, published author and keynote speaker, I am inspired by the three most powerful forces in the world: God, People and Technology. Raised in a very humble background, I have had a lot of encounter with the poor, rich and the middle class in Africa and other parts of the world. I believe in the African success story and inspired to lead and help others live and tell theirs. By working to build businesses and to promote entrepreneurship in Africa and the world, I am deeply motivated as a pioneer in a new age of global business success. 





Hello, I am Rasheed Goldring, an American born author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and an overall creative. Having graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C,  with a major in International Relations, as well as a minor in Community Development, my passions lie in global facilitation, connecting the unseen dots that make large scale progress a reality, in the most efficient and broad based manner. I am inspired by the leaders of the past, coupled with the ideas and social network of the present, to ultimately create the future we desire. Working together with ABN, we can inspire a lot of change in Africa and the world.




Hello, I am Tity Agbahey, legal expert on child rights and criminal law, based in France. I specialize in criminology. "African solutions to African problems" could be my motto. I'm passionate about Africa and willing to bring Africans to take the control of their own destiny. I am a strong proponent of women empowerment and child right and come to ABN with a lot of legal expertise in solving real problems. I strongly believe in education as a key to the change we need. My interests lie in reading, writing, dancing and the Renaissance period in Art!






Hello, I am Curt Williams from Pasadena California, USA. I joined ABN Unite in Ghana as a way of giving back to people in the communities we serve in. I am Partner and Supervisor and I have passion to share my 55 years experience and knowledge in woodwork, framing, plastering, moulding and design with the youth. 







Hello, I am Lauren Hankey from Washington, U.S.A. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Washington. My undergrad was at University of Portland where I majored in Political Science. Before graduate school I spent 21/2 years in Ghana. Here, I was a Program Administrator for the Kokrobitey Institute and worked as a volunteer researcher for the Mepe Project and the Megalpolis Ahafo Gas Plant Project in West Africa. I have also spent time in many European countries, Nicaragua, and Thailand. I am very excited to associated with the ABN. I hope to share my experience and expertise, in injecting energy in small businesses in Africa as we work to connect the world to Africa and Africa to the world.




I am Norman Sun Harris a Partner and Supervisor in ABN Unite. I am an American building and construction expect with many years of experience in cost efficient building and construction technology. I come to ABN Unite as an experienced builder with the passion to train the youth, as a way of giving back to humanity and the communities we serve in.





Hi, I am Thomas Andrews from Pasadena, California USA, I have over 24 years experience (work and school ) as a home inspector, electronic testing technician, computer technician and auto mechanic. I am happy to join the ABN Unite program as Partner/Supervisor to help contribute to creating jobs in Africa and help alleviate poverty.






Hello, I am August Chan from Hong Kong. I studied Social Science Education from the Hong Kong Institute of Education. After visiting Ghana & Africa for the first time, in summer 2013, I felt in love with this wonderful place. I see that many Africans are eager to learn new things, to develop themselves and their community. I am glad to volunteer for ABN Unite and hoping to inspire change in Africa and the world.







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