Apr 23 2020
Kwasi Godson

Written by I.K Adusei

It all dates back to 2011 when we had the second Pan-African Leadership Conference which my team and I organized, while in school. I was in level 300 at the University of Ghana, Legon.

The conference was quite a big one. It was an international event. We had participants coming all the way from different African countries to Ghana.

The main event took place at the African Regent Hotel, a five-star hotel in Accra.
The conference’s communique edged the participants from various African countries to go back home and work very hard to develop their countries in whichever capacity they could.
This is because the theme for the conference was, “Towards a New Africa, The Role of The African Youth”.

We divided participants into regional blocks and each block was tasked to execute a project within their home countries.

After a year we had to monitor whether the projects were going on or not. One of the major problems which our delegates (participants) faced was lack of access to finance. All these blocks with all the great projects they had, could not figure out how to mobilize finance to execute them. As a result, almost all the projects didn’t take off.

So having learnt from this experience and it being so fresh in my mind, I saw that the theme, “Towards A New Africa, The Role of The African Youth”, was something that was as topical then, as it is now. This is because we own our continent and we should make the best out of it. It belongs to us and that is our part of the world. Thus, when we are looking for success stories, we should have many notable stories in the area of enterprise development from Africa.

With this knowledge at hand, I had to repackage myself or my ideas by learning more about entrepreneurship and finance. Luckily enough, I chanced on some books which really helped me along the way; this led to the creation of Africa Business Network (ABN). The main objective of ABN is to groom the next generation of African entrepreneurs and also to make people understand how to start their own businesses from scratch.

Crystallizing my quest to change the African narrative, is the birth of my ground-breaking book, How To Start Small: Financial Skills For Business Success.
It’s a book you ought to read. This book is looking at solving the problems that emanated from the conference which bordered on access to finance/capital, project management, marketing and sales among others. It makes it easier for people to understand how to start a business, project or enterprise with or without money anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, after having written, proofread and had real communion with the book as an author, I told myself that, it’s either I would be the only individual to read the book or the last person would read it. I chose the latter because reading it myself would amount to selfishness since that’s not the purpose of the book in the first place. I struggled with this decision because the principles and strategies enumerated in this riveting book, How To Start Small are those that stem from my many years of tedious research.

If you read the introduction, I talked about the book being a solution, and these are the real solutions.
People who have read the book and reviewed the book including, Bernard Avle, the Multiple Award Winning Media Practitioner of Citi FM/Citi TV and Emmanuel Gyapong, Celebrated Ghanaian Banker of the Bank of America, USA and Financial Consultant for many years of Fortune 500 companies including Toyota Global, are of so much praise for the book.

Now, how do we get the last person to read the book? We have to get it to the ground level where people come to understand that financial literacy is key. That is the only thing that turns our destiny around because it is money that actually runs the world whether you like it or not. Whichever ideas that you have will certainly come down to the subject of finance. So you need to know how to deal with how to start small.

With this knowledge, we would be the generation that changes the fortunes of Africa and the world.

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