What we do

We are a diversified youth-led organization with interest in retail, real estate and multimedia.


Our top retail brands seek to take over Africa’s retail market with our chain of top supermarket and pharmacy retail outlets.

Real Estate

ABN Properties is providing clients with comfort and affordable luxury in Africa’s fast rising real estate sector.


ABN Communications through ABN Online and ABN Books is creating solutions and promoting real life socio-economic change in Africa through are media spaces.

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Get yourself organized with four habits of successful entrepreneurs

Successful people can often be seen following habits consistently. Different entrepreneurs have different ways of doing things, and of course, nothing is guaranteed to bring results, however, there are common behaviours which effective business owners adopt in order to make the most out of their business day. Plan and schedule Apparently Elon Musk schedules his

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Business owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice their personal life in order to be successful

Balancing everyday life with the demands of your business can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs. If you have a family or other time-consuming commitments it can be difficult to juggle everything, however, it is possible to be successful and still have a life outside of work. Ever since starting a family, I always make

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Effective Living Series: I.K Adusei on ‘How to start small’ [Video]

Download full audio here: Audio: Effective Living Series: I.K Adusei on ‘How to start small as an entrepreneur To access the book please go to www.abnonline.org/books Source: Citi Tube

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